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“It was action packed, suspenseful, sexy, and the unexpected twist left me in awe. ”
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Giessinger writes another story with a very strong minded heroine in a very difficult situation. While Geissinger pairs her up with an alpha male, this kickass heroine shines through on her own merits. I wonder why this book cover is of a man instead of a woman. No matter, after reading this book, you know who took the spotlight. It’s definitely a welcome trend Geissinger is consistent within this series.

The story starts Ryan, an ex-special ops agent now security expert was bested by Mariama a professional thief. Oh, the irony. Geissinger had me laughing at this and had me cheering Mariana for outsmarting Ryan. Of course, because of this, among other reasons, Ryan was head over heals for Mariana. Who wouldn’t? This girl knew exactly what she wanted and determine to get it.

Ryan, on the other hand, had his own talent and skills, but he is man enough to let Mariana have at it. Sort of. Ryan had his alpha male moments and had to save the day more than once. He was confident, funny, sweet, and of course, sexy.

Just like the two prior installments, I enjoyed this story. It was action packed, suspenseful, sexy, and the unexpected twist left me in awe. The romance was sweet, and I would say it’s an equal balance of romance and suspense. It’s a quick sexy read I recommend for the summer.



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  1. Well, hello cover! I probably would have bought it for that alone, but now I’ll get a great story as well.

  2. I’ve got the first two books on my Kindle I need to read them soon. Thanks for the great review Angela