“REVENGE wraps up the storyline nicely with some more twists and turns and the signature heat from Ms. Blake.”
~ Under the Covers

When this series started out, I was really intrigued about the premise.  Siblings looking to uncover who had their parents killed when they were kids and going after them now themselves.  The plot has been twisting ever since!  At the head of all that has always been one person.  Drew Lawless.  The one that saved them all from a burning house.  The one who’s gone on to make a fortune in the tech industry.  The mastermind behind most of their plans and orchestrates everything even when they don’t realize it.

I have a soft spot for a geeky hero and Drew certainly fit that mold.  But he was also controlling in all aspects of his life because that’s how he’s had to grow up.  I didn’t completely fall for him the way I was expecting, although I did find him cute most of the time.  Even when he was being an overbearing and over-protective big brother.  His relationship with Shelby starts out as everything else in his orderly life… with a contract and a plan that Drew will execute.  He can be quite clueless most of the time!

Then we have Shelby.  I’m not a huge fan of the heroines in this series but I generally liked Shelby until we get to the point where she blows up and I thought for an intelligent woman she acted a bit over the top.  I did like her sense of loyalty and how she comes through for Drew in the end.

In terms of chemistry, in the bedroom these two had a ton of it 😉 but outside I thought it was more of an insta-love scenario (although it really isn’t technically).  I don’t think they connected enough for me to believe their deeper feelings.

REVENGE wraps up the storyline nicely with some more twists and turns and the signature heat from Ms. Blake.




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