“Definitely check this out if want a sweet pick me up kinda story”
~ Under the Covers

I had no idea what this series was about when I cracked this book open, but to my surprise this story is actually tied into the Barracudas hockey team that I’ve been following by Ms. Willoughby.  It is set for part of the story in the Camp Firefly Falls and I thought this was a adorable and nice mix.

This is the goalie of the Barracudas and he’s never been able to get completely over his first love from high school.  As you can expect, this is a second chance romance and I thought the setup for it was really well done.  Jane was always overweight and struggled with it.  Booth was 100% attracted to her just the way she was, but when it came down to standing up for their relationship … he fell short of it.  He’s always had that regret and on her hand, Jane used that blow to her self esteem to take the message of self love and empowerment to the masses by starting her now very successful blog, Big Girl Panties.  All that success has put her back on Booth’s radar and this time he doesn’t want to miss the chance to keep her forever.

WHATEVER IT TAKES was a very fast read and their story wasn’t overly complicated because neither one of them really got over the other.  It was just a matter of a little romance and some communication and opening up about feelings.  That was perfectly ok with me.  The way the author approached it was great and kept me turning the pages with a smile.

There are some adorable characters and scenes at Camp Firefly Falls that I really enjoyed and it was fun to see a big ol’ hockey player trying to dance (horribly) to some of the Grease theme songs.  Definitely check this out if want a sweet pick me up kinda story or if you haven’t read this author’s books before, so you can get a taste and be left wanting to know more about the sexy Barracudas. 😉



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  1. Sounds cute. This book is part of Zoe York’s series. I’ve read other other books by Kate which I have totally loved. Thank you for sharing the review.