“I think this author and I just aren’t a good fit.”
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I’ve done it again.  I’ve let myself be lured in by a pretty cover.  And I’m sitting here telling myself I should’ve known better.  I’ve read two other books by this author in the Kricket series (which is also sci fi young adult) and I had to drop the series and not read the third because I was OVER it.  But honestly, I thought this would be different and the cover and blurb really caught my attention.  Plus I was looking for sci fi reads for the yearly challenge. 😉

SECONDBORN was a really fast read.  The writing does flow and keeps you turning the pages.  And the plot in this book was really good with the whole second born army thing.  But here’s my issues:

If you’ve read Kricket, you may as well skip this one.  It felt like the author took the characters from that book and inserted them into a new world.  They acted and thought the same as their counterparts in that other series.  I felt like it brought nothing new to the table.  On the other hand, if you loved that series, then here’s more of that so you may like this book.

The characters.  Ughhhh the characters.  See, my problem with the Kricket series wasn’t the writing or the plot.  It was the characters.  Especially the heroine who was self centered and annoying.  And every single male character in the book was somehow attracted and/or flirting with her like she had a golden ….. Well…. the same thing happens here.  The heroine was driving me off the wall wanting to slap her so many times.  And that just kept highlighting the similarities to the other series.  It ended up being a vicious cycle for me that took away from me enjoying the plot of this book.  Which wasn’t all that bad.

All that being said, I won’t be continuing this series either and I think this author and I just aren’t a good fit.  Someone please remind me of that next time I try to go off buying another book.



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  1. Oh no this was a complete cover buy for me too and first review I have seen. I will have to read it now to see what I think.