“WANDERLUST was full of sexual tension and great chemistry, mixed in with a simple but solid plot that kept me turning the pages.”
~ Under the Covers

It is no secret that I’m a fan of Roni Loren.  I think I have probably read everything she’s ever released!  So I was really excited when I heard about this story because it’s one she’s had for a while.  And WANDERLUST didn’t disappoint, it gave me exactly what I’ve come to expect with a book by this author, solid characters and a great sexy romance.

The heroine, Aubrey, works for a magazine in New Orleans as a food critic.  The farthest thing from her interests are sweaty rock stars after a concert, but that’s where she finds herself after the music reporter that was supposed to interview WANDERLUST falls ill.  This is no regular interview, it’s an all week pass to hanging with the band to get a day to day feel for their lives to include in the article.  But it just so happens that the chemistry between her and the lead singer, Lex, is undeniable from the very first time they see each other.

WANDERLUST was full of sexual tension and great chemistry, mixed in with a simple but solid plot that kept me turning the pages.  I found Lex to be a very centered rock star compared to the usual party boy we often see in the genre.  I was happy to see that level of maturity with these characters, and that was my one fear going into this book.  So very pleased in the end.  Lex has so much charisma and charm, very sexy hero.  And I liked that Aubrey was just feisty enough to be able to handle him.

In terms of rock star romances, this isn’t the most original story.  But I think WANDERLUST is all about execution.  Roni Loren creates great characters and ones I usually fall for because of their many layers and depth.  Even with a simple story like this.  I think the potential is there to turn this into a series, and if that happens, I’ll be right there reading them.  I would love to know more about the band!




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  1. I like the description of lex and I love new orleans …and of course roni loren’s writing 🙂