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” I was glued to my ebook from hours on end.”
~ Under the Covers

I enjoyed this story of the emperor and his warrior bride. Their relationship was unconventional but it was adorably romantic.

Evony has been invited by the emperor to participate in a contest to be the his bride. His goal is to find a bride and possibly find his enemy. And Her goal is to do her duty, get kicked out of the contest and go home. But the contest became so much more. Love, honor, survival and ultimately their happy ever after. It will won’t be easy and it can be dangerous but it will happen for them one way or the other.

I love that Evony is a no nonsense kind of girl and not a care with what people thought of her. She was fierce, a genius in the battlefield, loyal, and honorable. She was a true Amazzi Warrior through and through. I love that she was both a warrior and a woman. She trained, thought and fought as a warrior, but also merciful, gentle, and when with Galen, she was sexy in her own way. Galen could not stay away much less keep his hands off of her. Though not very explicit, they were several scenes hot enough to heat up my kindle. I was surprised to find that The Emperor’s Arrow is an adult Fantasy. Sexual and emotional tension was off the hook.

Galen, the emperor did not match Evony’s skill in the battlefield or her fierceness in general but he has an Emperor’s aura. He really doesn’t have to do much to control the room. You’re automatically just drawn to his power, character, and confidence.

The politics was intriguing from the start and the the need to know how and who the perpetrators were drove me nuts. The cattiness of the other contestants made me laugh. But what I love most is the relationship between Evony and Galen. I could not get enough. I was glued to my ebook from hours on end.

Though different storylines, this reminds me of As I Darken by Kiersten White and The Remnant Chronicles by Mary Pearson which I loved equally. There are several possibilities of a sequel to this book but I have not seen any information on future plans.



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  1. Heard that the author won a Harlequin 2015 contest and this book is the result. Hope that this book will be a better read for me than a previous adult fantasy book I’ve read. (And yes, I’m adding this to my TBR list.)

    1. Yes, I heard that too, EC. I hope this series goes further than just this book. The last time I followed a winner at one of those contest, the author was a one hit only show. =( I was so disappointed. The author just sorta disappeared. ~Ang