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“He’s a bad boy, yes, but it’s the why that had my heart melting.”
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Where do I start?!  L.H. Cosway always delivers a story that sucks me in and gets me to fall in love.  In this case I was very curious as to what would happen because the hero wasn’t painted in the best light in previous books.  We know he can be a bit of an ass, not the smartest guy around AND a criminal.  I was dying to see how Ms. Cosway redeemed him and made me fall for him.  And I’m pleased to say she did and I had so much fun reading it!

If you like teacher/student tropes then this will be a fun twist on it.  Stu gets out of jail and has to take an adult learning class where Andrea is the teacher.  She’s lived a somewhat sheltered life, and after the death of her husband years ago she’s closed herself off to the possibility of starting her life over again.  But Stu starts stirring things she long thought dormant in her, and gets her to walk on the wild side with him.

Andrea is more of a plain Jane heroine, and definitely more reserved than I’m used to reading from Ms. Cosway.  This was a nice change of pace and a good pairing for Stu.  But I don’t think I connected with her the same that I usually do with her heroines.  Stu on the other hand had so many delicious layers to uncover.  He’s a bad boy, yes, but it’s the why that had my heart melting.

My favorite thing about this story is that it redeems this bad boy in my eyes without staying completely safe.  The plot of this book involved an art heist and forgery.  Cleverly done not turning Stu 180 too fast.  The way the art information is weaved in the story was very interesting without dumping too much into it.

While this isn’t my favorite book in the series, I do think it’s a solid addition to it.  It has, once again, left me dying to read more books in this series and anything that Ms. Cosway will give us next.




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