“I’m just looking for a more solid romance and hopefully in the next book, I’ll get that.”
~ Under the Covers

IN SAFE HANDS seems to be a little bit of a different book. Instead of being a typical Romantic Suspense, this one has a more Thriller vibe to it. It’s not as playful as the first book in the series was and it definitely has a more darker tone to it but it definitely fits the characters of the book.

Daisy Little is a very interesting character. Her past is quite dark and it had greatly affected her future so much so that she is living in a constant state of fear. She is agoraphobic and I loved that the author chose to feature a character with this kind of vulnerability. When she sees something outside of her house that looks very much like murder, she quickly tells Chris what she saw.

What I liked about this is the fact that Chris completely believes her. He doesn’t think she is unnecessarily paranoid and you can tell that he respect her a lot. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t believe in the romance. It came across more as a friendship to me and while it does grow and heat up as the book goes on, I actually had to stop reading for a moment to check the blurb of this story to see who the hero was because for whatever reason when Chris walked onto the page, he did not make enough of a statement for me to see him as the hero of the book. For a moment, I thought he might just be a side character and that’s not good at all.

Like I mentioned earlier, this has a different tone than the rest of the books. It’s more serious, a bit darker in tone because of the Thriller aspect to it but it does have a good mystery. I just don’t think the romance balanced well with everything else that was happening.

Also, I think the covers of this series are misleading. They feature hot men and while the guys are enjoyable, the covers seem to lean towards the Romance audience when so far, I feel like the books are a little more geared to Mystery and Thriller readers. I’m just looking for a more solid romance and hopefully in the next book, I’ll get that.




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