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“This is, without a doubt, my favorite in the series so far.”
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I am loving how the timelines of the books in this series are somewhat overlapping.  The one downside is that because they aren’t released too close to each other, my memory is a bit faulty and it takes me a little while to catch back up and for things to come back to me.  That being said,  THE WICKED HEIR was quite the fun read.  I had been intrigued by the mysterious head of the Spare Heirs Society, Fallon St. James, for a while.  When the other heroes need something taken care of, that’s who they go to.  So he must’ve been the biggest and baddest one around, right?

I loved getting to know him through the rose colored glasses of the perpetual romantic, Isabel Fairlyn.  She fancies herself in love with the most unlikely man, and a member of the Spare Heirs.  She’s kept detailed accounts of her feelings in her diary for a while now, and figured this is the season she’ll reel him in and they’ll be married and happily ever after.  Except he’s never really given her more than a glance and for all intents and purposes has no interest.  The one that does seem to be captivated by her is St. James and they quickly develop an unlikely friendship.  The man with all the secrets who lives on the edge of the law, and the prim and proper Lady who dreams of balls, gowns and fairytales.

I really enjoyed their friendship, their banter, and the way their relationship developed.  The situations they often found themselves involved in were also a lot of fun to read about.  This is, without a doubt, my favorite in the series so far.  It kept a nice and steady pace, it was entertaining when it called for and swoony as well.  I loved both main characters, as well as the whole lot of side characters.  I’m left wanting to get the next book sooner rather than later because, as I’m sure there’s bound to be some overlapping of timelines as well, I need to make sure my memory stays fresh to remember all the details.  With a spunky heroine and a rake it promises to be a great read.




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