“…it started out slow and didn’t hold my attention.”
~ Under the Covers

Writing this review is HARD.

As in—I Don’t Wanna Do It But I Promised I Would And Now I Wanna Throw Up.

First off, I LOVE Suzanne Brockmann. She is the epitome of all the goodness and bad assery every writer hopes to be like one day. If I could have one-tenth of her talent, I would consider myself lucky and die a happy woman. There, my fangirl swoon is over.

So, I have been waiting like forty freaking eternities for a new Troubleshooters. I love this series so hard and can never recommend it enough for those who love to read about the men and women who protect the good ‘ole Red, White, and Blue. BEST Fictional SEALs to date. BEST Military Romance Series EVER.

Okay, I have procrastinated enough.

Some Kind of Hero was just not what I had been expecting (Ugh—I feel nauseated just saying that out loud). For me, it started out slow and didn’t hold my attention. Usually, I absorb EVERY WORD and fall hard for Brockmann’s heroes. But the writing didn’t seem familiar. You know, you read an author long enough, you can SEE them in the words. I didn’t SEE Suzanne for most of the book. It wasn’t until the last third of the book that I was able to recognize what I’d come to know as Suzanne’s flair for heart pounding action and witty dialogue.

Even the appearance of one of my favorite characters (Izzy) fell kind of flat. (Where was my snarky, highly-inappropriate Zannella?) In fact, some of the Izzy scenes felt unnecessary and didn’t promote the overall storyline.

Have I mentioned how much I DON’T want to write this review?

It hurts to say that Some Kind of Hero was just a so-so read. The heroine (Shayla) had this annoying habit (for me, anyways) of talking to her fictional hero (Oopsie. Forgot to mention Shayla is a romance writer) and uttering, “Shhh…” OUT. LOUD.

 And no one ever calls her out on it.

After this happens a few times, I kept waiting for Peter to go….”Um….you all right?” or “Who the hell are you talking to?” Or at least run away in the other direction.

Will I stop reading Brockmann? HELL.NO.

And here’s why:  As a reader, we tend to expect a stellar read with every book in a favorite series. And although I wouldn’t go as far as saying SKoH is horrible (nope, it wasn’t), I do have to say it was disappointing. But I will continue to read Suzanne Brockmann, especially the Troubleshooters series. It’s my crack.

UGH–I feel like I just shit on my favorite author and that was NOT my intention. So I will leave off with what I DID like:

  1. The last third of the book. The pacing picked up. The heroine shows spunk and smarts. She “rescues” the hero with her on-the-spot intellect and is a heroine you can admire. Go Shayla!
  2. Hot, yet funny sex between the H/h. Sexy-against-the-wall lovin’ that had me laughing and squirmy.
  3. While it started out kind of weird, I did like the secondary love story between Maddie and Dingo. I’d like to see more of this couple in future books.

For the avid readers and fans of the Troubleshooters series, I hope you find more enjoyment out of SKoH than I did. And if you happen to be Suzanne Brockmann and reading this review . . . don’t hate me. Because you still are the epitome of all the goodness and bad assery I hope to be one day.


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  1. It’s so hard when a favorite author’s book doesn’t quite live up to our expectations. That has happened to me too. I love Julia Quinn, but one of her books just let me down so much. And I was afraid to read her books again. Luckily I did and I’ve been happy ever since. I should really look into Suzanne Brockman.

  2. Ugh! Well, unfortunately with so many books in a series a not-so-good one usually pops up. It stinks when this happens, but it does even to our favorite authors.

  3. Really disappointed with this novel. Shay’s talking to “Harry” was annoying and the story and characters lacked depth. It’s really hard to learn to love new characters when there are so few previous characters in the plotline. How realistic is it that Izzy would ask ask BUD/S trainees to help?
    We didn’t even get to find out whether Lindsey had a boy or a girl.
    I was looking forward to lots of Izzy and Eden, and got almost no Eden and very little of Izzy; the Izzy we got had so little depth. Based on their relationship, it’s really hard to believe Eden would have told Lindsay she was ready for a baby, before she told Izzy. Everytime we have had Izzy’s POV, he always deals with issues head-on or we see his thinking about the issues through his irreverent filter – but all that was missing this time.
    The lack of continuity is also annoying. Lindsey’s miscarriage was presented as having happened in the first trimester originally; but in this book it turned into a ‘late-stage’ loss?? And Eden was also described as incredibly beautiful, but now Lindsey is on a par with her?? It’s frustrating when the author cannot keep her story lines consistent.
    This book felt like, the author felt she should get on and write another book in the series but really couldn’t be bothered putting alot of effort in