“These two are totally adorable and they were really fun to read about. ”
~ Under the Covers

When I picked up book 1 on a whim, I was really interested in how different the storyline was.  This series has kept up with that theme and given us something new and fun in this genre.  And I find that refreshing and enjoyable, which keeps me coming back for more.

THE PERKS OF LOVING A SCOUNDREL definitely has that, but while it was entertaining it also wasn’t my favorite in the series.  That is not to say I didn’t enjoy the crazy adventures our hero and heroine find themselves in.  They are caught in a somewhat compromising position and believed to have been fooling around when in reality they had overheard a plot to kill the Queen.  Now, amidst the personal scandal, they also have to try to uncover who is plotting this and how to stop them.

This was a sweet read, and the author has a great talent for making you feel that connection to the characters.  Really like them and care about what happens to them.  But also to enjoy the little details in their day to day lives.  The heroine in this story is more bookish and it was a lot of fun to see her paired up with such a carefree hero.  Or so he seemed in appearances.  But they both have more substance than just that and I liked that about the story.  I wish his issues would’ve been explored more because once they are revealed I felt they were big enough that they shouldn’t be swept under a rug and quickly solved or dismissed.

And then there’s the bad guy.  I had to admit that although I didn’t suspect the why, I had the who pegged from the very beginning.  So when the big reveal comes in the end I wasn’t shocked and I also felt that could’ve been done a bit better.  A more dramatic resolution.

But overall, this story keeps a nice and steady pace.  These two are totally adorable and they were really fun to read about.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. McQuiston comes out with next.




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  1. I read what happens in scotland and while i liked it, it didn’t stand out for me. I may try this author again and give it a second chance