“I found myself distinctly underwhelmed.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m normally a sucker for these kind of Sci-Fi romance books…an unlikely woman plucked from her life on Earth to make alien babies with a sexy hunk of alien man meat (or two) and then skip happily off into the milky way. So, Stranded seemed like just the book for me. However, I found myself distinctly underwhelmed with this book.

That’s why I am keeping this review short and to the point, I don’t want to wax on about how I didn’t enjoy it. When I drill down into what I didn’t like about it, it comes to two things: the hero and the heroine. I felt like they had no chemistry and I didn’t understand why the heroine was so eager to gain the affections of that particular alien honey bunny. The author told us she felt a pull towards him, but she didn’t really show it. And I was left…completely uncaring about their fate.

I’m going to leave the review there, suffice to say although this is normally the type of book and series that I lap up, I don’t see myself continuing this particular series. I move onwards in my journey to find more Sci Fi Romances I can binge on!


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