“This book has great characters, plenty of fun antics, and great chemistry. ”
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I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Michels since I picked up her debut series last year on a total whim and fell completely in love with her fun writing style.  So it’s no surprise to see I was beyond excited from the moment I heard she had a new series in the works, and even more so when I found out it wasn’t about the Lords and Dukes anymore.  The concept behind the Spare Heirs series is one I love to read and sadly don’t see enough of.  And add in to that that this features the sister of one of the heroes from the original series I loved?  And that’s the recipe for a winner!  Well, even though I enjoyed this book as it still has some of the things I fell in love with about the author’s writing, in others it lost some steam.

Lady Roselyn Grey is adventurous and fun but has tried to suppress her very nature in order to act the way society expects of her.  She finds herself in a difficult situation when she feels an undeniable attraction for the brother of the man she’s supposed to marry.  And even in a worst situation when her intended dies and she is left again to navigate London society and her first season.

Ethan Moore is just the kind of hero I was expecting to see in this novel.  He’s lived the last few years of his life surviving on his fists, for defense and for money.  He wanted nothing to do with his family or the family business ever since his mom left them and he didn’t have the best relationship with them.  Except after his brother’s death, he is now titled and representing the family.  All things he didn’t want.  But things he may use to his advantage in getting the affections of a woman that he sees as so much better than him.

There is a mystery to uncover in this story and both Ethan and Roselyn are so much fun while they try and spy to look into things.  Even though the bad guy was clear from the start, it was still an entertaining element and the interactions between our main characters that this posed were a lot of fun.  You could definitely see the spark of friendship these two had as little kids playing together while this was all happening.  So for me, it deepened their connection nicely.

I guess I can’t quite put my finger on what fell flat.  This book has great characters, plenty of fun antics, and great chemistry.  Maybe Ethan needed to take Roselyn off the pedestal a bit and act more human with her.  Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the concept of the Spare Heirs Society and I am looking forward to the next book in the series!


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  1. To tell you the truth, as soon as I saw this cover, I knew this book would be mine! I will probably pick it up this week some time. Thanks for the review!