“…a sexy sci-fi, with a feisty, good-hearted heroine and a sexy, broody male, who just needs the right gal to bring out the hero in him.”
~ Under the Covers

Cadet Bella West wanted to get to the Dragath25; however, she didn’t want to crash their. The whole of Dragath25 has been turned into a dumping ground for all the worst of humanity, a prison with no hope of escape. Only now, the planet may be Earth’s only hope of surviving famine and starvation. Bella knows it will be a dangerous mission to go their and collect samples, but she had no idea just how bad it would be, until she crash lands and has to try and survive. Her only hope seems to be prisoner 673, who offers to help her…but at a price.

There is something about a sexy sci-fi that I can’t resist and Trapped caught my attention right from the start. Was it the sexy abs showing on the cover? Perhaps. Okay, it was definitely the sexy abs. Luckily the inside of the book proved to be just as sexy as the outside. It was also a little bit more than I expected, I love a cheesy sci-fi, the more strange alien parts the better, but this turned out to be a story of survival, set in a world where humans seem to be on the slow decline to extinction if they don’t find a way of rejuvenating planet Earth stat.

Bella and 673 make an unlikely connection in the harshest of circumstances and I loved watching the two of them forming a bond that was more than just physical. Not that the physical stuff wasn’t hot, it was, the two of them certainly managed to heat up the screen of my kindle. The story itself didn’t throw up anything unexpected, 673 was of course not a psycho criminal trapped on Dragath25 for good reason. But despite the predictability of the story, I did enjoy it and I will be picking up the next book in this series.

If you like a sexy sci-fi, with a feisty, good-hearted heroine and a sexy, broody male, who just needs the right gal to bring out the hero in him, then you need to pick this up, it was an entertaining read and thoroughly enjoyable read.


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  1. I haven’t read a good scifi in a bit and this sounds good….and, yes, I was drawn to the sexy abs on the cover as well