“Neill goes straight into the action. A lot of the story focuses on the murder mystery with some twists along the way.”
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Merit has been a vampire for a year now. She’s gained some incredible friends and learned a ton of skills that she never would’ve otherwise. Some incredible things have happened over the several books of the series but I feel like despite being in the midst of a supernatural war, Merit and Ethan have kind of settled down a little bit.

A murder has occurred and it looks like it’s been done by one of them. That’s not good news when the tension between Houses is already brimming. After a brief update on Catcher and Mallory in the beginning, Neill goes straight into the action. A lot of the story focuses on the murder mystery with some twists along the way.

Ethan remains to be an enigma, never revealing too much but enough to stay alluring. My only complaint is that since we’re twelve books into the series, I would love a little more insight into his character. I feel like we have hit a plateau with his character and I would love something that would once again engage readers.

In terms of the romance, I do feel that Merit and Ethan have reached that comfortable stage in a relationship. The last books have been a little more steady. I wouldn’t mind seeing Neill shake things up a bit here as well. I do sense that the end is near but a little extra drama wouldn’t hurt the series.




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  1. I would love to know more about ethan as well… as for creating drama between them? It would depend on the drama

  2. Despite the slim pieces we know of Ethan, you can still kind of see his evolution throughout the series. Just kind of a surface. Not too deep. I think Dark Debt showed a deeper Ethan. I don’t think the last book is going to be over the top exciting since Merit and Ethan are so close to settling down. Only that one enemy left to eliminate, then I think they’ll retire peacefully.