“A bit disappointing but at least it held my interest enough to finish reading it.”
~ Under the Covers

I picked this up on a whim because the cover caught my eye when it came in the mail and then the blurb seemed intriguing.  It is not my usual kind of book, but lately I’ve been going outside of my comfort zone a bit and trying new things in hopes to find something to wow me.  This wasn’t it.

THE INCONCEIVABLE LIFE OF QUINN is a story about a sixteen year old daughter of a New York politician who finds out she’s pregnant.  The odd thing is she swears she’s a virgin and doesn’t remember any moment where things could’ve gotten anywhere close for a pregnancy to have happened.  From here she has to reconstruct the window of time the doctors are giving her of the possible conception date and there are definitely weird things that happened that need answers.

I will say this.  This story kept me interested in finding out the outcome to this mystery.  But the characters didn’t hold my interest enough to care about them.  So while I wanted to get to the end to see what it would all be about, I wasn’t invested in that outcome one way or another.  I liked the fact that this book also has magical realism in it, but I don’t think it was done in any way that swept me off my feet like I’ve seen done by Sarah Addison Allen for example.

Once we get to the ending, we do “sort of” find out what happened.  It’s never 100% spelled out and it’s left to be implied.  I’m not sure I liked that, it was a bit too open ended how it was written for my taste.  Like we know what happened, but maybe we don’t?  A bit disappointing but at least it held my interest enough to finish reading it.




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  1. I’m no into what I call teeny bopper reads,the cover is eye catching,I would have picked it up to check it out!! ,shared on all my socials!!