“Once again, Mary Calmes has written a book that I couldn’t put down.”
~ Under the Covers

I feel like I say this for every Mary Calmes book I read, but it bears repeating every time. Within minutes of starting a book, I become immediately invested in the main character. I don’t know whether it’s because Calmes really writes enigmatic characters or its because of her voice, but either way, I know I’m going to have a great time whenever I pick up a Mary Calmes book.

This particular book is a little bit different from her other books because although the main character is still very charming, there’s something a little more badass about this book. Since this book deals with the mafia, you can expect a lot of suspense and action as well some very interesting characters.

As I mentioned, they are all very interesting. I don’t think Mary Calmes can write a character that I don’t care about. The first person narrative is especially great for this book because readers can fall in love with Ceaton. I’m not sure if Calmes plans on making this a series but I can certainly expect some interests from fans. Once again, Mary Calmes has written a book that I couldn’t put down.



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