ARC Review: The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

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ARC Review: The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan
The Game Plan
Book Info

Released: November 1st 2015
Series: Game On #3
Pages: 323

Recommended Read!

“So that’s almost perfect!  And THIS is my favorite book in the series.  Not sure how you can top Ethan Dexter in my book!”
~ Under the Covers

Must be something about those sisters!  Or maybe it’s the fact that Ethan Dexter is just sex on legs.  I mean the man is a walking contradiction what with the sexy lumbersexual look, the man bun, the carefully trimmed beard, then add to that all the tats and piercings and the fact he is artsy and designed all those tats, not just a jock.  Be still my beating heart!  And….he’s a virgin.  Gah!  I die.

He’s that guy you can depend on and count on to be a rock and the strength of a group.  Now out of college and playing professionally for the NFL for a while, he’s more grounded in his life and he also thinks that the woman he had set his sights on a few years back might just be ready to notice him.  And that’s always been Fiona, Ivy’s little sister.

I’ve already waxed poetic about why Dex is more than amazing and totally book boyfriend material but lets not forget about Fi.  She’s a take charge kind of girl, not intimidated by many things and certainly she doesn’t shy away from her wants and feelings for Dex when it would’ve been easily something another author could’ve used as drama.  Their romance is straight forward, sweet, explosively hot (did I mention the piercings?).  What Dex lacks in experience he makes up in single minded focus to make his woman happy.  In and out of the bedroom.  Refer to ultimate book boyfriend material part.

Although maybe I found some of the “big blow out” reactions on both Fiona and Dex’s part a bit unrealistic and over the top, that was my only sort of complain about the whole story.  So that’s almost perfect!  And THIS is my favorite book in the series.  Not sure how you can top Ethan Dexter in my book!  Now I think I’m positively ready for the m/m story with ‘Londo.

Favorite quotes:

“I want to be someone’s necessity, and for them to be mine.”

“…she tastes like addiction.”

“I have no idea what Myla is, darlin’, but they’re soon to be wrapped around my cock.  If I can’t have you, I’m fucking the panties.”
With that, the big bastard hangs up.

“If you want only one woman, the rest is just noise.”




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About Kristen Callihan

Kristen Callihan is a child of the 80’s, which means she's worn neon skirts, black-lace gloves, and combat boots (although never all at once) and can quote John Hughes movies with the best of them. A life long daydreamer, she finally realized that the characters in her head needed a proper home and thus hit the keyboard. She believes that falling in love is one of the headiest experiences a person can have, so naturally she writes romance. Her love of superheroes, action movies, and history led her to write historical paranormals. She lives in the Washington D.C. area and, when not writing, looks after two children, one husband, and a dog — the fish can fend for themselves.


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  1. I am so excited to read this one. I resisted this series for a while because I don’t love NA, but I am so glad I changed my mind. That cover alone is worth it.

  2. oooooo please tell me you don’t have to read the whole series…bc i would to jump right in to this book!!

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