“Although the story was enjoyable, I don’t think it quite lived up to what I was hoping for.”
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I’ve heard so much about this author and series that I was extremely excited to start but also had high expectations.  Although the story was enjoyable, I don’t think it quite lived up to what I was hoping for.

So the basic idea of the book is Tom Worthington is back at college after a small lapse due to his dad’s stint in jail after he was found to be stealing money from his clients.  This has left Tom’s family money out of reach and him looking for ways to earn enough to get back to school.  Of course in the process he lost most of his “buddies” and now that he’s back he wants to keep a low profile.

He ends up with a roommate at the older-student housing who is not that old.  A few years younger than him, Reese is there because of things that happened in his recent past at school.  And Reese is openly gay, and not happy about having a roommate at all.

Right away you see that Tom is attracted and curious about Reese and although you slowly get bits and pieces of Tom’s past and how he’s had his feelings about being bi-sexual, I never could just buy into that slow transition of him wanting to be a couple, even in private, and being completely ok with getting physical with Reese right away.  Then we get the constant freak outs about coming out, and I really couldn’t understand Reese’s determination to stick it out.

Both of these guys have just been through pretty big life events.  They are both a bit damaged.  But if I had to say I can understand one of them, that would be Reese.  He was done wrong, he was trying to get better and deal with things.  Tom was the one I wanted to throttle constantly.  The sex, if you can call it that, didn’t quite get there for me either.  Overall, I just couldn’t connect as much as I wanted.  But like I said, it’s a matter of expectations because in the bigger scheme of things, it was still an entertaining read.

I’m hoping the next book fares better for me although the fact that it’s about Jack, who was a bit of an asshole in this book is not necessarily exciting me.

Favorite quote:

“Because last night was hot, no question, but the next time I pull your zipper down?  It’s going to be with my teeth.”




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