“If you want a change of pace from the bad boys, you’ll fall for Nathan like I did.”
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I’ve been ITCHING to get this story.  This is the culmination of two sports legacy families joining and about characters we’ve come to love.  Nathan is the adoptive son of the first hero in this series, Mick Riley, who is now retiring and Nathan is taking over the quarterback position on his team.  Throughout the years, his friendship with Mia Cassidy has been strong.  Best friends through college, only tainted by that one night stand they had then after which Mia friend-zoned him again because she was too scared of ruining their friendship.  Now Mia is dealing with the pressure of starting up her own PR company and Nathan has his father’s legacy to live up to with his team.

I often want stories that make the main characters jump through hoops to be together, but there’s something soothing about a story where there isn’t a whole lot keeping apart two people that make sense together.  That’s what this book felt like for me.  There are some obstacles that they have to overcome, but for the most part this was a sweet AND sexy best friends to lovers.  They’re both still young, and are dealing with the start of their careers so a relationship was the farthest from both their minds.  I liked how they got to the point they did and how organic it felt.

Nathan is that good boy hero that we don’t tend to talk about often.  He’s just a nice guy, he doesn’t want to go from one woman to the next, he cares about his friendships and when he realizes he knows the woman he wants he goes for it.  If you want a change of pace from the bad boys, you’ll fall for Nathan like I did.  Plus it helps that he’s incredibly sexy.  On the other hand, Mia is just as strong as I was expecting her to be from the glimpses we’ve seen of her before.

These two together were sweet to read about and I gobbled up this story so fast I just couldn’t put it down.  In the end, I wish there would’ve been a little more keeping them apart and work through.  I think maybe that was the reason they lacked a little spark and where this story could’ve felt a bit more romantic, it fell more on the comfortable friendship feel of the spectrum.  Regardless, it was a fun read even if not quite what I wanted for these two and I can’t wait for the next one.





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