“It didn’t sweep me off my feet like I was expecting it to.”
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I’ve been a fan of Sarina Bowen for some time now and when I saw she had a new book coming out I immediately got excited.  I’ve never read Sarah Mayberry but I was curious to see how the difference in the story would jump out in comparison to others I’ve read with Ms. Bowen solo and writing team.  The first I have to point out, for me, is that this book has a much different writing feel than what I’m used to by Ms. Bowen, which I’m assuming is the dynamic with Ms. Mayberry.  It didn’t sweep me off my feet like I was expecting it to.  Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read.

The main premise of this is a girl down on her luck financially, taking care of her younger sister and keeping her away from her junkie mother, is working as a temp at a company that she’s hoping will be her permanent position.  When a member of the owner’s family dies, she’s assigned to go through his apartment and business to auction off what’s left of his belongings.  But things quickly take a turn for the unexpected when the nephew of the deceased, and son of her boss, comes in with different ideas about what should happen and the best way to honor his uncle.

So I thought the storyline was unique and fun, the main characters were likeable and they certainly had chemistry but… something was still missing to take this story to the next level for me.  The main characters seemed nice, but I never had a deeper connection to either one.  The banter, the sexy times, even the regular dialogue, never delivered on what I was expecting from a book where Ms. Bowen is involved.  Everything felt much more subdued and low key, emotions didn’t pull me in.  While I enjoyed this story, I’m not sure if the dynamic of this writing duo is quite for me.  Maybe if they release another book together (and I see the potential for another book with side characters from this one) I may give it a shot and see if it works better the second time around.   TEMPORARY still delivers a nice twist on a reformed billionaire playboy meets poor regular girl storyline and it was an enjoyable, quick read.spacer


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