“Liam definitely is my HIGHlight of this book.”
~ Under the Covers

I seem to have terrible memory these days so when I started this book I really had no recollection of how they may be connected to the Blacktop Cowboys series.  That being said, I was excited to see a different kind of setting in this world and needed to jump right in.

Stirling is tired of the corporate world and she’s a business partner with her brother on a marijuana farm.  Her brother hired Dr. Liam Agent for his expertise about a year ago and since then they’ve been butting heads.  Granted, we know they’ve been butting heads but because this is a novella we aren’t privy to all the details of that since we come in when their relationship is about to change.  I both liked this and wish we had gotten a bit more.  Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and part of that love comes from seeing all tension build up.  We get some info on that, but I think I wanted to see more of it.  That would’ve made this book longer, though, so I’m happy with what we got.

If I had to pick a favorite character, then I’m going to have to say Liam.  I love the contradictions about his character.  When he was younger he did what he could to get his grandmother some relief by purchasing marijuana for her.  When financial strains got the better of them, he even got as far as working for his ummmm dealer.  He’s straddled the good boy/bad boy line, he is well educated and still seems a bit of a bad boy rebel.  And he doesn’t shy away from dirty talking when the mood strikes, plus he has a great sense of humor.  So Liam definitely is my HIGHlight of this book. hehe

That’s not to say I didn’t like Stirling, because I found her very interesting.  But I didn’t connect with her as much as I would’ve liked.  Nevertheless, Liam and Stirling have great chemistry, lots of sexy banter and humor.  They know how to push each others buttons but also how to work together and I had a lot of fun reading their story.

Another thing I think is noteworthy to point out was the educational aspect of setting this romance in a marijuana farm.  I enjoyed reading those details and made this story give a professional approach to the subject while still keeping it fun at times.

This was a quick one I read in one sitting and I can’t wait to go back into the Blacktop world again soon.




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