“Lesson learned: Don’t request a book when you’re hungry.”
~ Under the Covers

Lesson learned: Don’t request a book when you’re hungry. The macarons on this cover seduced me into taking a chance on The Art of French Kissing unfortunately in this case it didn’t work out. This review won’t be very long as I DNFed at 35% and to get even that far it took me a week – for context, I can normally read 2 or 3 books in that time.

The YA genre is one that I struggle with, but I did want to give it more of a try this year. However, The Art of French Kissing just highlighted what I find irritating about YA: teenagers. There was too much teenage angst and uncontrollable hormones being paraded around. It was bad enough when I actually had to live through the experience myself, so I didn’t relish reading about it. I just didn’t connect with the characters, there was too much over dramatics for my tastes.

I haven’t given up on trying to find some YA I like; however, I may give up on YA romances. All they do is exasperate me!


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