“…romance itself fell a bit flat.”
~ Under the Covers

Set in a dystopian future world where everyone is closely watched and living with an undercurrent of fear in artificial Domes Cities. Talented techie Lilith Galernon is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit and gets thrown into a war she didn’t know was being fought. Between creatures she didn’t know existed.

It’s hard to put an exact genre name on this one, it has aspects of sci-fi with its future world setting and some of the devices they talk about. But, it also has elements of PNR with the demon-like and angel-like characters that populate the book. Then, there is also a slight fantasy feel to the book as well…it’s very confusing. So, if you are in the mood for a book that is defying genre conventions, this is definitely for you.

Of course, no matter what genre I plonk it into (I decided PNR) it’s the romance that hooks us. Ranove, our hero, isn’t human, he’s from a demon-like species, with horns, claws and wings and a weakness to light. But isn’t just his appearance that is different. Ranove’s race are fierce and ruthless fighters who have spent generations battling for their survival. They view humans as the slaves of their enemy.

This was a fairly action packed romance, something I usually enjoy. However, the hero and heroine are kept apart for the more fast paced parts of the book. And, when they are ‘together’ they spend most of the time apart. The only time I felt like they had a connection was when they first met and were forced into a prison cell together. However, as the book went on, the chemistry between Ranove and Lilith seemed to fade away and they didn’t quite click as a couple for me.

Although I liked the book and enjoyed the dystopian PNR/Sci-Fi world that Trombley created the romance itself fell a bit flat. However, I was intrigued enough that I will be picking up the next book in the series and give it a second chance.


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