“Jeremy Cleland may have very well changed my mind about the suitability of vicar’s as romantic heroes…”
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Lady Sarah Frampton is known by the ton as the Watching Wallflower, shy, perfect behaved and always on the outskirts. At least that is the image she portrays to them anyway. What they don’t know, is that she is The Lady of Dubious Quality, the author of the scandalous and wildly successful erotic novels. But, if she is ever found it, she knows she and her family will be ruined and when she discovers someone is on her trail, she knows the only way to protect herself is through marriage. And who better than a vicar? Especially as it is the handsome vicar that she can’t stop thinking about; however, the man she has come to for protection is the very man searching for her true identity…

Well, it isn’t very often (make that never) that I read a book about a sexy vicar, even in a historical romance, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, Jeremy Cleland may have very well changed my mind about the suitability of vicar’s as romantic heroes, he certainly ticks all my usual boxes; handsome, intelligent and intense.

In fact, I really liked both the hero, Jeremy and the heroine, Sarah. Both, were positively bursting at the seams with repressed desires and thoughts, Jeremy because of his profession and Sarah because of her gender and status in society. And, as soon as they meet, all these repressed emotions transform in to some fantastic chemistry, you can see the connection between them almost instantly. I am always partial to a wallflower, but I particularly liked Sarah, although seemingly shy, she was very passionate, independent and curious.

What has made me rate this as a 3.5 instead of a higher 4 or 5 rating is that the conflict regarding Sarah writing as The Lady of Dubious Quality and not telling Jeremy, even though he was searching for her real identity. It dragged on for too long and I just wanted her to hurry up and tell him. as she obviously needed to, so that they could resolve it and move on. Instead it seemed to take forever and I was eager for the story to move on. However, aside from that, I did really enjoy this book, especially the passion between Jeremy and Sarah, it was very well done.

I haven’t read Eva Leigh before, so I have come into this series part the way through, I know, naughty me, but I am definitely going to read the previous books and I look forward to read any forthcoming releases. Eva Leigh is definitely an author I would now read more of.




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