Overall, it was a fun and sexy read.
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Asher and Glo’s story has been an anticipated read for Lemmon’s fans from the very start of this series.   But after getting a shocking information about Ash in the last installment (A Bad Boy for Christmas), I was quite nervous about how I would feel the issues Lemmon brought into their relationship.

Ash is the rockstar of the group and well, just like any rockstar, he is a ladies man.  But he’s always had his eyes set on Glo, agent for his children’s books.  Yes, he writes children’s books. Unfortunately, timing is never on their side and with the latest development in Asher’s life will bring them lots of issues.  Trust will be the biggest one.  Ash will have his hands tied and there will be only so much he can do. It will be all on Glo to make things work.

Along with fans of this series, I’ve had my eyes on Ash from the start. This guy exude sexy rockstar, confidence, money, and did I say sexy?  But he’s known to be a ladies man, and that just about killed me especially when it came to him being with others while Glo was on the sidelines.  It was heartbreaking when Glo found out he’s now a father.  I give it to him, though, he changed quick.  I was amazed by his move on setting down his roots. I knew the babymomma was going to give him all kinds of issues.  Though Ash was good handling what issues was thrown at him.  He handled it like a pro with understanding Glo’s position the whole way through.  I hated that Glo had to go through that. But it is what it is and she had no choice but to take it.

Glo, on the other hand, didn’t always handle things well.  I was annoyed that Glo didn’t know what she wanted at times and she was uncertain of Ash’s feelings for her, yet it was so obvious.  She went back and forth with her decisions/actions that it put more angst than necessary.  She really had trust issues.  I suppose I can’t blame her given Asher’s past and current situation.  She proved worthy in the end.

Overall, it was a fun and sexy read.  It’s not the story I expected for them but it was nice to finally see Ash and Glo’s HEA as well as the rest of the gang.




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