“It’s a fun and fast paced read with plenty of magic being thrown about and swords waggling around.”
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Armed & Magical is the second book in the Raine Benares series and it starts – more or less – where book one Magic Lost, Trouble Found ended. Raine is now on the Isle of Mid, the home of the most prestigious school of sorcery and home to the most powerful sorcerers. She is under the protection of Mychael as they try and work out how to end her connection with a Saghred a soul sucking stone. However, Raine soon becomes embroiled in trouble as she uses her seeker skills to help when they find students are missing from the school. Soon she is up to her neck in assassins and goblins all whilst the stone is growing in power.

If you want an action packed fantasy adventure, this is definitely the series you need to pick up. From the moment you open the book until the very last page you are drawn into the whirlwind that is Raine’s life. It’s a fun and fast paced read with plenty of magic being thrown about and swords waggling around. It’s also got plenty of humour and even a little romance all combining to make this a real page turner.

Raine is a great heroine as well, clever and fun she keeps you hooked to the book. However, I feel like these books only skim the surface of her. Her emotions and any deeper thought about the situation she is in and even her feelings about the two men in her life (warning…love triangle!) are never explored. I wouldn’t say these books are shallow, but it is definitely lacking a little in depth.

But, this is a great adventure series, perfect for when you want something with a little excitement and humour. I will definitely be reading the book in the series, I can’t wait to see what will happen to Raine and the gang next!

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  1. I started reading this series years ago but haven’t picked it back up in a very long time. It may have been the live triangle that did it since I’m not a fan of them. I agree that it is definitely action packed and she is a very good heroine.