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“As emotional and heartbreaking some of the scenes were in this story, these fun scenes really created a wonderful balance to even it out.”
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In book twenty-eight of the In Death series, things take a dark turn when a cop killer is on the loose. Amarylis Coltraine is the latest victim to be attacked. As a newly transferred police officer who has come to New York, she is highly trained and should be able to defend herself but she dies just steps from her own apartment, sparking a whole slew of questions from Eve Dallas. Worse of all, Amarylis was involved with the chief Medical Examiner Morris and now Eve is tasked with telling her friend of his girlfriend’s death.

Once again, Eve is determined to find out who the killer is and stop him or her before another cop ends up dead. When she and Roarke dig deeper into the case, they discover something shocking that may connect this case with something from the past. Now they must work quickly to find this killer before he comes for Eve.

This one is more of an emotional journey for the characters because it hits a little too close for comfort. When one of their own goes down, it rattles Eve a little bit and that’s not really something we see from a pro like Eve. Emotions are at an all-time high and it was a nice opportunity to see what their characters are really made of when something they care about is taken away from them. I think readers may be pretty surprised with who the murderer actually is in this one.

In addition to the great mystery, Robb always explores more of Eve’s personal life. She has come so far already and with her friendships with other people, we are seeing a whole different side to the tough cop act we are used to. Louise and Charles show advancements in their relationship and it’s a hilarious scene when you have Eve present at a wedding shower/bachelor party. As emotional and heartbreaking some of the scenes were in this story, these fun scenes really created a wonderful balance to even it out.

I love the way that Robb was able to connect this story with JUDGMENT IN DEATH. But don’t worry if you haven’t read that particular book because Robb provides plenty of details to fill you in. It’s great for a refresher as well for you loyal fans.

To cap off this review, I just wanted to share this little quote. I think it aptly sums up the dynamic of Eve and Roarke’s relationship so well.

Favourite Quote:

Eve: “I have to go shopping!”

Roarke: “Excuse me, I think I must have had a small stroke. What did you say?”




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  1. I Love this series! Didn’t start reading it til 2014, then read them all & now read each as they come out.