“I just couldn’t deal.  I found this full of badly done cliches and I wanted a bomb to fall and kill them all.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m going to give it to you straight.  I picked up this book for two reasons.

  1.  The blurb sounded interesting.
  2. As much as I was skeptical because I DNF the series Kristin Cast has co-written with her mom because the characters made me STABBY, I wanted to explore Kristin’s writing solo to see how much of that was her in that series.  I’ve read P.C. Cast before and have enjoyed her books in the past.  So this was my experiment.

IT FAILED!  Miserably.  It pains me to have spent the time I did reading this.  Hours of my life I’ll never get back.  Yes, the things that bothered me about the dialogue in the House of Night series were exactly the things that I couldn’t get past in this one.  Well, one of the things… the characters and the confusing world and mythology, the cliches, the insta-love, the list goes on.

So we have two parallel worlds, the mortal one and Tartarus.  The three furies and the maiden, and now their son Alek.  When it’s time to save the world of the evil set loose on it, our only hope is an untested young warrior and a human.  I could’ve been behind the warrior idea and if the human had been kick ass, yes that would’ve been cool.  But Eva… just ….. Ugh.  And Alek… just …. blah.

I’m not sure who the target audience for this would be, but I  know it’s not me.  The book lacked depth in plot and world building, the writing was very flowery, the dialogue and the characters made me STABBY!  I can probably say this is so much worst than where I left off the House of Night.  And I feel terrible saying that about anyone’s baby (aka book and work).  I honestly could’ve easily DNF this but I wanted to see how it would end.  And guess what?  There’s no resolution, just a stopping point on sort of a cliffhanger that leaves you having to read book 2.  Well, THAT’S not happening.

Let me back up a bit because while all this paranormal stuff is happening (that was already kind of a spotty plotline and not very well developed) there is also a serial killer on the loose in the human realm, so we get the POV of the police searching for this killer.  How many things did we need to have thrown in one story that was already not very well tied together?  And lets not forget the best friend sidekick with a cookie cutter personality (and by cookie cutter I mean everything I don’t like from the YA snarky spoiled little rich girl friends rolled together).  Just STOP!!!

I just couldn’t deal.  I found this full of badly done cliches and I wanted a bomb to fall and kill them all.  If this was the only hope the world had, we could probably use starting over in a fresh one.




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  1. Ouch…I saw the covers for book one and two and thought about getting them. But seeing as we typically share the same book taste, I’m gonna skip them. And **insert whining** damn–I have almost all of the House of Night books on my bookshelf…guess I’m gonna skip those for now. Thanks for writing an honest book review! You rock!

  2. 1 star. Wowza. I’m glad I didn’t fall prey to that stunning cover. I tried reading the House of Night series, but I only got maybe five pages in. The dialogue was like nails on a chalk board for me. You have solidified my decision not to read this. Thanks for the helpful review!

  3. I almost bought it for the blurb and covers….glad I didn’t… the hon characters got on my nerves as well

  4. I read the HON series and you could tell the difference in PC and Kristen’s writing styles. Kristen’s style is very immature; the characters are immature; the language and text is adolescent and stilted. The ‘teens’ are always spoiled, rude, and think their above everyone else.

    I have read another series by PC Cast and loved it, but I refuse to read Kristen’s new series. A friend is currently reading it; I warned her off but she insisted, and now she regrets it.