“…fast paced and fun to read, definitely one that you want to get through the whole thing in one sitting and it’s quite possible you will.”
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This book was recommended to me by my good friend Trish and it also popped up as my Pick It For Me Challenge book.  So what better time to dive in and give this a go than during #RollBackWeek?  I know this book has a lot of fans and lovers that say this may be one of their favorite books ever.  And now, I did enjoy it.  But is it possible that I’ve read this too late to find the same enjoyment?

MR. PERFECT is a contemporary romance with a small hint of suspense.  It’s about a group of women, best friends, who randomly make a list of the attributes they want in their Mr. Perfect.  This list somehow ends up as news and these women are now in the limelight and targeted by a crazy person who starts picking them off one by one.  During all that, our protagonist Jaine, gets to know her sexy and a bit rough around the edges detective neighbor, Sam.

The whole idea maybe is a bit unrealistic but, overall, this book is pretty fast paced and fun to read, definitely one that you want to get through the whole thing in one sitting and it’s quite possible you will.  But while I did find it to be a good read, and I was even a bit caught off guard by the resolution in the end, I thought the story was maybe a bit just too simple.  And this is why I wonder if it’s a matter of “the times”.  I guess now I’m used to looking for something complex and always expecting the other shoe to drop and this didn’t have that.  It’s just a solid good story with a small twist in the end.

It hasn’t left me itching to go pick up more Linda Howard books, but maybe I’ll give her another try in the future.



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  1. Interesting review. I find it fascinating how when, where, and why we read a book can influence our thoughts on it. At the time I read it, several years ago, I remember LOVING it! I thought it was fabulous. But I wonder, would I feel the same now, for the very reasons you mention. Because, although I remember loving it, I have not felt compelled to read it again. Interesting thought. Thank you for getting wondering anyway. 😀

  2. i read mackenzie’s mountain by linda howard…while i thought it was good, i definitely had to remind myself of ‘the times’ while reading it…