“I am completely enthralled with the gritty and dangerous world that Ms. Kennedy has created here, and that is why I’ll keep coming back for more.”
~ Under the Covers

When I started this series I was a bit concerned that the possible storyline would get buried by sex scenes.  I am completely enthralled with the gritty and dangerous world that Ms. Kennedy has created here, and that is why I’ll keep coming back for more.  I want to see more of it!  Even though this installment was still more sex than overall plot than I wanted to see, it’s all starting to take shape for the next one.  And the characters?  I can’t wait to see more from all of them.

Lennox and his childhood best friend Jamie have been living with Connor and his boys since their compound (brothel) was attacked.  Jamie is the one woman Lennox has never touched because their friendship is so much more important to him than the physical attraction he feels.  While Jamie has been pushing down her love for Lennox since they were teenagers herself for fear of rejection.  Now she has found a new playtoy in Rylan (whom I loved from the first book) and they all go on an assignment together to Reese’s compound (along with a few other guys).  They’re meant to be training Reese’s younger people to battle.  But things are not quite what they’ve been led to believe, and danger (as it’s to be expected) finds them there.

First things first.  Lennox.  Because I reaaaaallly liked his character and that’s one of the main reasons this book was enjoyable.  He’s hot, he’s intense.  He’s extra sexy and extra alpha and when all that is unleashed…. *sigh*  He embodies what I think of is needed to survive in this cut-throat world.  And if there’s one thing that is consistently amazing if you read a lot of Elle Kennedy’s books is the sexy men.  Jamie I liked ok because she’s also a tough chick, not a pushover that just needs to be coddled and protected.  But I have to admit that she got on my nerves a bit with some of her TSTL decisions, moments and tantrums.  But all that aside, I think they were so perfect for each other.  The fact that they have so much history and they’ve been best friends forever only added to what I liked.

As much as I was interested in the romantic developments in this story, what I kept wanting to know more of was what’s making this world tick.  It’s volatile, edgy, and out of control and I think what I’m missing here is exploring that world more because the possibilities are endless and oh so interesting!  But alas, that’s not what happens in this particular book.  We do get a small glimpse but for the most part we are setting up a bigger event that’s yet to come.  In a way, I felt like that with book 1, but maybe this one ties things better for something to happen soon.

If you’re looking for a book that will singe your fingers and you don’t mind pushing a few boundaries, then this series is for you.  ADDICTED was extremely hot.  There’s sharing, there’s same sex, there’s public sex, there’s a little bit of everything.  Well, let me rectify that.  There’s no little when it comes to sex in this book.  There is A LOT of sex.  There’s too much sex?  But one thing is for certain.  Elle Kennedy always delivers a scorching good read.




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  1. There can never be too much sex in a book, IMO. So long as there’s SOME decent plot between sex scenes, it’s all good. Can’t wait to read this series; it’s up next on my M/F romance TBR list!