“These are two guys that are already very comfortable with each other and I liked that ease.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been interested in this book since it came out mostly because of the cover.  Then it was recommended to me as similar in feel to HIM by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.  And you all know how much I love that book!  So I went in pretty much blind other than that.  This book has quite a few things I enjoyed and others that maybe fell a bit flat for me.  But overall it’s an enjoyable read and after the way it ended, yeah, I’ll be continuing.

#Junkie is the story of two best friends.  Trent who is in college and president of his fraternity.  And Drew, a car and speed junkie and underground racing competitor trying to break in and make it in the sport.  The two have bonded and their friendship has grown and is the one strong relationship they have.  They’re both straight of course.  That is until Trent starts exploring what his feelings really are and the fact that he may be in love with his best friend.

#JUNKIE is a Gay-For-You story and, for the most part, that exploration of feelings felt gradual and believable.  The friendship is cemented in this story and I definitely felt the struggle Trent was going through.  The chemistry between the two was palpable and I think that has a lot to do with that friendship build up that was bound to overflow and when it did, it was delicious.  These are two guys that are already very comfortable with each other and I liked that ease.

This is my first book by Cambria Hebert and as this book doesn’t finish the story of Trent and Drew, I’ll be reading more from this series and trying out her male/female with book 3.  Overall, I enjoyed her writing, characters and plot and I’m looking forward to what else is in store for them.




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