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“I don’t think there are many other heroines out there that can do what [Kinsey] does.”
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I’m just loving these books right now. C IS FOR CORPSE is another book in the Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mystery series by Sue Grafton. In this one, we get a little more of a gritter story. Kinsey is hired by twenty-two-year-old Bobby Callahan who has just survived a near fatal car crash when his Porsche is forced over a bridge and into a canyon. Bobby has lost a large portion of his memory, but he can’t help but shake the feeling that he knew something before and that the crash wasn’t an accident. Someone tried to kill him.

Kinsey is now trying to figure out what happened before another attempt of Bobby’s life occurs. But just three days after Bobby hires her, he dies in another crash. This puts Kinsey on high alert because now she knows Bobby was right in his hunch that someone was out to get him. Now she is on the hunt to find out what was so conveniently wiped from his mind from the first crash? This is no doubt Kinsey’s most juiciest mystery yet!

I’ve mentioned this before already, but I just love these books. Now I’m a Romance reader at heart, but there’s something about these Mystery novels that gets me going. I’m always trying to piece out the puzzle before Kinsey can and evaluating everyone as if I’m the PI sent on the case. It puts my brain in a different mindset and I think that’s a wonderful thing to break up the Romances that I read so much of.

As I read each book, I’m falling more and more in love with Kinsey’s character. She’s definitely my type of girl, the one that’s more than capable of doing things on her own. She has this focus and determination that is admirable, because I am the same way when I’m placed with a task so I find her very relatable. Kinsey doesn’t have a smartass sidekick or a man in her life to help her when things get rough, and there’s something about that makes me respect her so much more. He intuition and intelligence is what gets her through case to case and I don’t think there are many other heroines out there that can do what she does.




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