“It wasn’t that bad. In fact, I would even say I enjoyed it. ”
~ Under the Covers

Another day, another impulse read. Under Locke isn’t normally the kind of book I would pick up. But, I am trying to find new things this year so, on a whim, I decided to put my feeling of dread aside and give it a read. Why the dread? I don’t know, maybe because it involved bikers, something I’m not a fan of, or maybe because it seemed like it would have ridiculous new-adultesque melodrama. All of which are aspects that other people love, me not so much (which is how I have managed to rule out 50% of romance books of late!). However, maybe I was a little harsh in my pre-assessment.

It wasn’t that bad. In fact, I would even say I enjoyed it. Mariana Zapata gave me a very pleasant surprise with Under Locke. Yes, there were bikers and he was part of a club, however, that was mostly in the background so it mostly didn’t bother me. And yes, perhaps there was a little drama, but it would have been pretty boring without it.

So, what changed my mind about this book? I really liked the slow burn romance between Dex and Iris. Their relationship has an antagonistic start, due to Dex being rude and obnoxious i.e. an asshole and Iris not really standing up for herself and instead taking the passive-aggressive tack i.e. being an asshole. We are on Iris’ side though, she may not have handled his behaviour very well but MAN was he a dick. What I liked about Zapata’s book was that there wasn’t just a magical transformation from idiot to ideal, instead as Iris and Dex get to know one another their understanding changes. And, okay, what I will always remember about this book? A fart. And yes I normally hate toilet humour in books, but Zapata shows that one well-placed fart can open up a whole new side of a relationship. It was hilarious.

I went in with fairly low hopes for this book, but I found I did really enjoy it. Was it my favourite book of the year? No. But, would I read Zapata again? Definitely. This was a great romance, with a sexy as hell tattooed and pierced (yes ladies down there) hero, with a little suspense, a little humour and a little sexy all rolled in. If you haven’t given Zapata a try then I recommend you at least give her a try.


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  1. Glad you gave her book a try. One of my favorite authors and I just read it for a second time. I like that Iris discovers her self-worth with a man like Dex.

  2. I find Marian Zapata’s books hit or miss, but I liked Under Locke a lot. Dex was just so smoking hot.

  3. I’ve had this book on my TBR pile forever but I have to admit I’m not a fan of slow burn books because they don’t usually hold my interest.