“[The Freemason’s Daughter] has potential and I hope the author delivers a stronger pace in the next installment…I’ll definitely be on the lookout.”
~ Under the Covers

The Freemason’s Daughter touches the history surrounding the Revolution that overthrew King James II. In particular, attempts to bring him back to the throne. While I know very little of this history, I am fascinated with the Jacobite rebellions and their dedication to their cause which in this case are tightly connected with these undercover Freemasons. The background story about this group fascinated me. Nowadays, the group is more a fraternity of sort, but the myth behind the name is sort of amazing.

The main story is about Jenna, the daughter of a Freemason and her experiences and the role she voluntarily takes for her cause. She, her father, and his crew are working to overthrow the current ruler and bring back King James to the British Throne. This girl is way smarter and way ahead of her time. I love that she was an outcast, not just by how she looks but how she thinks. I love it even more that she stood by it. Though young and inexperienced, she’s kind of a bad ass. The hint of romance between Lord Pembrook and Jenna was welcomed, but I wish there was more of it.

The overall story was okay. The first half was slow but the author managed to give it some excitement and intrigue in the second half. The ending is not quite a cliffhanger and it wasn’t a happy-ever-after either, but it left me with a whole lot of questions. I think this book has potential and I hope the author delivers a stronger pace in the next installment if there will be one. I didn’t really see any updates on social media about it but I’ll definitely be on the lookout.




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  1. Hope there’s another one so you can get your questions answered. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Angela

  2. Sounds interesting. However, I think I’ll wait to see if there is a second book. I don’t like being left with too many questions.