“Chemistry, banter, comfort… INTERCEPTING THE CHEF had all of that and more.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m all for reading a good foodie romance so when this popped up on my radar I had to give new-to-me author Rachel Goodman a try.  This actually combines a few tropes that I think were perfect together!  Sibling’s best friend + sports + childhood crush + foodie.  That all together makes me just burst with sweetness and the author did a wonderful job at building the plot here around all that.

Logan is Gwen’s brother best friend since childhood and even now they play for the same NFL team.  There was definitely a childhood crush going on that never went any farther but they were still very good friends as well and have an ease around each other that comes from that familiarity of growing up together and having their families so entwined. Gwen went on to become a chef but after a betrayal from her ex-boyfriend (and renowned chef) she has come back home to try and get her life back on track and maybe lick her wounds under the radar.

Logan gives her the perfect opportunity to do so as the head chef of his new restaurant.  A star quarterback starting to feel the pressure of years in the NFL, he’s looking for something more and a restaurant honoring his mother’s memory is close to his heart.

Chemistry, banter, comfort… INTERCEPTING THE CHEF had all of that and more.  It’s a great foodie romance with a light and sweet feel.  I loved that Gwen was the one that got away for Logan and he gets to have another chance.  Gwen seemed the more aloof of the two and I wish I would’ve seen more of a connection from before because at times I felt like Logan wanted her more than the other way around.  But I think that was just her quirky personality coming through.  I really did enjoy them together and I loved seeing how Logan was tentatively getting inside her walls.

The writing and the characters kept me turning the pages and I’m certainly going to be reading more in this series.




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