It may not be for everyone but if you open your mind and give it a chance it will rock your world! ~ Under the Covers

It is no secret that I love Madeline Sheehan’s dirty and gritty writing style.  I’m a fan!  It’s refreshing to see someone that is so unapologetic in the world she’s created.  That no-holds-barred attitude is what has allowed for this world to be all that it can be.

UNATTAINABLE is no different than the rest of the series.  It’s not pretty.  But it’s real.

Cage and Tegen have a volatile and explosive relationship.  They are like oil and water most of the time, right from when they were kids.  But they are alike in so many ways.  Both growing up fully immersed in the MC lifestyle.  Cage living that up to its full potential.  Tegen wanting to get away from it all as much as possible.

Their romance is a whirlwind, with some highs and a lot of lows.  I loved Cage!  He’s had so much to deal with, especially with Deuce as a father.  Coming from a broken marriage, seeing his father in love with another woman, only knowing that way of treating and using women.  He’s wanted his dad’s approval for a long time and he can’t seem to get it.  When he has Tegen, he’s more at peace.  I loved that about them.  Tegen is a little spitfire and even though at times she was just a little over the top crazy and hard to contain, she loves with a passion.

In the midst of their story we get ZZ.  Be prepared to get shocked to hell and back.  I NEED to know what happens with him.  Could this guys get any more crapped on?  Am I the only one that wants a little happiness for him?

And then there’s the star of this book for me.  DIRTY!  Yeah, I never thought I would say that.  I wasn’t too much of a fan of the guy that walks around in dirty clothes and hates taking showers.  You know, for the obvious reasons.  But what’s underneath and inside that man is so damaged that my heart couldn’t help but breaking into pieces.  I need to read his story, I need to get more of him.

Why not a full 5 stars for this one?  Because as much as I anticipated Cage and Tegen’s story (and I was on pins and needles to get it!) I almost think it was overshadowed by the side characters.  There wasn’t enough Cage and Tegen!!  And that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy them all.  I just cared about Dirty more than Cage.  And this was HIS book.

This series continues being an auto buy for me.  I enjoy the hell out of it!  It may not be for everyone but if you open your mind and give it a chance it will rock your world!

Favorite Quotes:

Love, they say, has the potential to kill a person if they aren’t careful.  I wasn’t careful.

“For fuck’s sake, Tegen, stop overthinkin’ every damn thing.  Just get on my goddamn dick and start fuckin’ bouncin’.”

“Cox, don’t speak,” Kami said.  “It makes you less hot.”

“It’s me an you, Teacup,” he said, rolling to his side and sliding his hand over my bare stomach.  “And nothin’.  ‘Cause nothin’ else fuckin’ matters right now.”

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  1. Hi,

    Greetings from germany. I read the 3 books from this series during my vacation in spain and loved it. Its like crack ..but in a good way 🙂 I`m so ready for book 4 ..Is it February now ???


    PS Love your blog