“I love, love, love all of the characters!  After finishing this book, you will leave a bit of your heart with them.” ~Under the Covers

LAID BARE was one of my first true erotic romance loves.  Not the first one I ever read but one that truly captured my heart because of the story and because of the characters.  This story is so much more than the kink and the sex.

So when I saw that this series was being released on audio, finally, it was time for a re-read.  And the only thing I can say after now listening to it is that I was right the first time.  LAID BARE was just as amazing and engaging the second time around, even all these years and erotic romance books later.

This series revolves around family.  The Brown siblings have had a rough go of it.  Older brother Brody took care of the three of them and help raise them and provide for them (while working as a tattoo artist).  Sister Erin and brother Adrian wanted to pursue a music career.  So they formed a band.  This book starts in the past when they are still trying to catch a break and hit it big with their music career.  Erin is the whole package of what a rocker chick should be, tough and forward attitude, bad ass clothes and even dreads.

She happens to fall in lust (and love) with their hunky neighbor, Todd.  Todd is used to being straight-laced and not straying from what society would expect of him.  But with Erin he lets a wilder side of him free.  And that scares him.  So he has to let her go.

Fast forward to the present and after many years their paths cross again.  Back in their same town, Erin is back from her rocker days after tragedy changed her life.  Todd is back after a a divorce and an attempt to live that life he thought he should.

I love, love, love all of the characters!  After finishing this book, you will leave a bit of your heart with them. They’ve all been through a lot in the years they’ve been apart and those are the experiences that have put them where they are now.  Able to give their love a chance.  Able to fully enjoy life.

LAID BARE is such an emotional rollercoaster.  But through the ups and the downs it’s steamy hot.  Sparks flying and smoke coming off the pages.  Todd is a Dominant alpha male, intense.  Erin is his perfect match because she revels in being his submissive.  Then through Ben in the mix and things get even steamier.  Ms. Dane is one of the few authors I’ve read that can make a permanent menage seem like it really can work.  Through work and communication.

What can I say?  If you haven’t read the series yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up!

Laid Bare Tracklist*

# Title Artist
1 Outshined Soundgarden
2 Is There A Ghost Band of Horses
3 Sunday Kind of Love Etta James
4 Inside and Out Feist
5 Creep Radiohead
6 Gong Sigur Ros
7 Way of the Fist Five Finger Death Punch
8 Clubbed to Death Rob D
9 Down With the Sickness Disturbed
10 Change Deftones
11 The Pretender Foo Fighters
12 Open Your Eyes Guano Apes
13 Saeglopur Sigur Ros
14 Sober Tool
15 Kashmir Led Zeppelin
16 Want Disturbed
17 Bodies Drowning Pool
18 Bad Girl Madonna
19 Hljomalind Sigur Ros
20 Run and Run Psychedelic Furs
21 Paint It Black Rolling Stones
22 Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones
23 As Is Ani Difranco
24 32 Flavors Ani Difranco
25 Victory PJ Harvey
26 Fountain PJ Harvey
27 Ace of Spades Motorhead
28 God Save the Queen Motorhead
29 Inside Job Pearl Jam
30 Run Kittie
31 Breathe Prodigy
32 Prison Sex Tool

*From Lauren Dane’s website

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  1. I have to agree with you!
    Very good series and I fell in love with characters too!

    I love how Lauren does not loose sight of characters in first book all throughout the series.
    Love seeing and hearing about Erin and her men all the way.They all mixed up and they in their lives in all books.
    I read them in like 4 days and could not get enough

  2. I agree, I loved this book. I read out of order. The first book from this series I read was Tart. I fell in love with everyone, so had to go back and get this book. I loved this book and she makes the menage totally work in this book. Loved the characters and loved how everyone gets along so well. Catching up now with the rest of the Brown family and loving the other Delicious novels. I have to say I love, love, love Damian Hurley-who is Adrian’s friend.