I don’t know how this book passed me by. If I had found out about it sooner, I would have devoured it then. TIGERS AND DEVILS is a must-read for M/M fans.

Simon Murray is a gay man who is quite content with his life until his meddling friends badger him about his relationships – or rather lack thereof. But Simon isn’t too worried about it. After all, he is busy with his work. It isn’t until a casual football “conversation” happens that Simon’s life changes drastically. As he eloquently stands up for star forward Declan Tyler’s honor, Simon and all the other men are shocked when the one man standing in the shadows, listening on is the star athlete himself.

Without grace, Simon removes himself from the embarrassing situation before his big mouth gets him in a more embarrassing position, but instead his mouth makes good use when Declan is there, following him out and thanking him for standing up for his honor. A kiss shared between them soon sparks a lust that neither can deny. So in an effort to further explore this newly discovered passion, they agree to see more of each other.

Sean Kennedy is a new-to-me author but I know for sure that I will be reading more of his work. TIGERS AND DEVILS won me over and I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed this book! Simon and Declan are such fantastic characters. They have so much personality and that is a testament to Kennedy’s writing. He is so readily able to bring his characters to life, whether it’s by infusing them with humor or snark or simply divulging their inner secrets. By the end of the book, I felt as if I knew Simon and Declan inside and out.

Another great thing about this book is that there is also a focus on friendship. Roger and Fran lit up the pages of this book. Both are hilarious on their own, but together, it’s like fireworks. Add Simon’s co-worker, Nyssa to the mix and you’ve got the most annoying, yet charming set of friends a guy could have. I will say that sometimes they took some of the focus away from Declan and Simon, but I can’t really complain since they are simply awesome.

The romance in this book was utterly romantic. I only wished there was more to devour. I wanted more Simon and Declan. More sex. More teasing. More. More. More. I definitely cannot wait until TIGERLAND.

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