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Thanks so much for having me on Under The Covers! I’m Skye Warren, author of the Dark Erotica series. I’m here to share my new release, Hear Me, which early reviews call “disturbingly arousing” and “beautifully written.”
Romance is known as a fantasy genre. Personally I love reading BDSM romance, the kind with negotiations and safewords. These are things we can actually do in real life, even though you may choose not to.
On the other hand, I have these fantasies that can never really happen in real life… I’d never want them to happen in real life. But I do want to experience them through a book.
What would it be like to submit completely? What would it be like not to be fettered by our lives, our responsibilities? Honestly, in my fantasies, it feels damn good.
Hear Me opens with a woman who can’t remember her past, only her training. She also can’t speak. So when she wakes up in a cabin with a man, she must rely on her obedience to save her. She doesn’t have childhood hang-ups, she doesn’t worry about what the neighbors are going to think, she doesn’t juggle a career. There’s only sex, pleasure and pain, the life of a slave. And that’s why we call it dark erotica 😉
One of the ways I describe dark erotica is BDSM with the safety turned off. It’s the ultimate submission. Is it realistic? Eh, maybe not. It is safe? Definitely no. But it’s also enthralling, emotional, and damn hot.
If you like your romance angsty and your sex kinky, I hope you’ll consider the Dark Erotica series. Each one stands alone, and in some ways I think the latest installment Hear Me is the best one to start with.
I’d love to hear what you think of my book, by email or on twitter. Also, visit my website for more books in the dark erotica series, goodies and free reads.
Thanks again for having me on Under the Covers! I’m giving away a few gift cards (see the Rafflecopter widget). What do you like about dark and/or erotic books?
Skye Warren


She doesn’t remember her past, only her training. She can’t talk, not that a good slave should speak out of turn. None of that matters when she wakes up in the warm, rustic room. Her new master is distant but kind. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t want her.
Longing for the shackles of safety, she pulls from the last dregs of her will to prove her worth as a slave. It seems to be working. He responds first to her body and next to her submission. The secrets of his past haunt the cabin, fraying the tightening bond between Master and slave, but it is her own memories that may finally unravel it.
This book contains a bonus short story Escape, set in the same dark erotica world.
This book contains explicit scenes of sex, including dubious consent and captivity situations. The BDSM does not conform to literary conventions, making it sometimes more realistic, and other times not. This is a work of fiction not appropriate for anyone uncomfortable with these situations or anyone under the age of eighteen.

What People Are Saying

“From the story title to the striking imagery of Melody being an echo of one man’s dark need and desire, HEAR ME has a smart and eloquent literary quality that stands out from page one.” – S. Richards, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“I think that the story line in HEAR ME is my favorite of the Dark Erotica series.” – Taboo Book Reviews

“This is a disturbingly arousing book I couldn’t put down until the last page was turned.” – Day Dreaming

“It amazes me that this story packs such an emotional punch in a short amount of time.” – Sam, E and R’s Awesomness

“Well if I could sum this book up in one word, it would be fanm**tha F**kingtastic.” – Salacious Reads

“…achingly detailed, beautifully written, and just so much to experience” – Maryse’s Book Blog

“Hear Me is sexy, exciting and it has an unusual veil of romanticism (so to speak) that totally seduces you.” – Darkest Sins


Even the earth conspired to keep her. Branches grabbed at her skin like talons; the beach was quicksand, dragging her down. Hope was too abstract to compete with the sound of men shouting behind her. Even her fear was drowned by the ragged beat of her heart.
“Melody!” The voice sounded closer than the thrashing of leaves and branches.
Run, run away, don’t look back.
Her eyes, already stunted by lack of food, filled with grit and precious moisture. If she made it to the water, she could float away. Even if only to drift down to the bottom, entombed in sand castles and chained by seaweed. They would take her prisoner; they would keep her safe.
A battered person was cracked soil, but dreams were like weeds. She could survive this. That was the goal she set for herself, huddled in the cold, damp cell. She had clung to it as they touched her, beat her. Trained her.
The line of frothy water was in her sights, but disappointment seared her. She was too far away, the sand too thick.
An extra burst of energy propelled her two more stumbling steps. Her legs gave out. She clenched and released fistfuls of sand, not even sure she was actually crawling forward.
Coolness lapped at her fingertips, surprising her. Her mind, tired and rusty, turned that information over. She had made it. Water. Safety? No, freedom.
A slow, steady thwapping noise drew her gaze upward. A small green boat bobbed in the shallow water. Gentle waves flicked its hull, almost soothing, like the caress of a flogger. The rhythm thrummed through her. Even without the sting of impact, her mind began the slide.
No. Subspace meant security but not today. Right now it meant death, and she refused to die.
She blinked away the salt in her eyes and clawed through the water to the boat. With a strength that surprised her, she climbed over the edge, tumbling into the grimy bottom. It rocked gently with her weight then settled back into the gentle bob.
The boat wasn’t tied down anywhere, but there wasn’t an oar. Not that she had the strength to use one or a place to go.

Never mind. Her wish had been granted. She would drift out to sea, like a message in a bottle.
Her head lolled against the rim of the boat. She breathed in the pungent smell of earth and moss. Her last thought before she drifted off to sleep was fanciful. She imagined a giant plucking her from the water, unfurling her like a scroll, and reading the lines slashed into her skin.
She wondered what they would say.

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Author Bio: 
Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica, where pain and sex and love collide. She has been called “a true mistress of dark and twisted erotica” and her dark erotica series has reached the bestseller lists at Amazon and been a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.

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  1. This book sounds intriguing. Can’t wait to read it. I like reading about things that never happen to me, it’s like an alternative reality.


  2. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than curling up w/ a book that gets your blood pumping to a boiling point! And reading about things that would probably never happen to you in real life, well that just gives me more to fantasize about!
    Thank you for the chance,
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com

  3. As long as there´s a HEA in the end, i can read almost anything. I´m a sucker for a bit of angst with the smut & fluff, and sometimes even a bit darker, dubious consensual *waggles eyebrows* but that´s what´s so great with fiction, i can read and experience things knowing there´s a HEA in the end, and no harm comes to me, =D
    Love the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  4. I am honestly not sure what exactly it is I like about reading dark books . . . all that I know is that I enjoy them.

    Sorry I couldn’t give a better answer.

    Thanks for hosting the tour and having a giveaway!

  5. For me, dark books, if I choose to read them, help me escape reality. I have to be in the right mood to read them, but they for sure do their job when I do.

  6. @Sharonda Aww, thanks so much!

    @Mary Thanks 🙂

    @Savannah Me either 😉

    @Joanne Great answer! Thanks hon!

    @erin Thank you!!

    @Beckey Thanks 🙂

    @Starla Thanks!

    @Anne A lovely insight! And probably representative of the book 🙂

    @Sebrina So true, I love getting wrapped up in a book, physically reacting with adreneline!

    @Linda A girl after my own heart 😉

    @Alicia Haha, no worries. Sometimes there’s no need to analyze, just enjoy 😉

    @LM THanks!

    @Susan Thanks!

    @Nancy DeVault Thanks!

    @powerse Along for the ride, eh? 🙂

    @Emily Thanks!

    @Z Haha, very true. Thanks!

    @elaing Thank you 🙂

    @Kim Lemear Thanks!

    @Renald Love the twist 🙂 Thanks!

    @Lady D So true, thanks!

  7. I read her Sweet Mistress book and it was the FIRST one I ever read that had the female as the dominant in the relationship.. I enjoyed it VERY much and can not wait to read more of her books! 🙂

  8. I love to read about danger that I probably wouldn’t ever dare experience any other way. It gives me a boost of adrenaline without the risk of actually doing anything dangerous.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  9. I love the element of unknowns, it shreds all the walls we put up. I agree dark erotica books explore things we may not do in our daily lives, but want to explore. Books provide that safety and adventure into this dark world.

  10. This book looks so great. And I love this genre because of the escape it presents. And something about the darker aspect of it…I don’t know why for sure I like it, but it’s like reading a creepy and terrifying Stephen King book. They make me check under the bed at night, but I still read them anyways!

  11. WELL, I’m not really sure about dark stories such as this. I tend to prefer light, contemporary rom-coms. I think I would struggle to understand a woman wanting to be a sexual slave. That psychology is just so alien to me!

  12. I am usually not keen on the whole slave/master thing but this one seems to have enough mystery involved that I might decide to pick it up. Their pasts seems to be alot of the story. Interesting:)

  13. I love the tension (sexual and plotwise) and forbidden factor of dark books…the journey of the characters in a place/area of darkness (forbidden or an unknown or unfamiliar) to the a-ha moment, the realization of some truth or acknowledgement that the characters discover about themselves.

  14. i love what you said about having fantasies and not really wanting them to come true in real life, but just in a book. great insight! love the excerpt to the book, can’t wait to read the full book. thanks so much!

    [email protected]

  15. The one thing I enjoy most about dark books is losing yourself in them. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of your favorite character and becoming them for just a while.

  16. I have not read these just yet but the first darker side I have read was Comfort Food and I love a story that is dark and pulls you in. and maybe part of the reason I love them is because they are ‘taboo’.. 🙂