“This novella is a super sweet story of friendship, love, family, and commitment.” ~Under the Covers

Aw, this was such an awesome novella – I just loved it!  Bryan and Aaron have been best friends since middle school, and they have been there for each other through thick and thin.  Bryan’s brother-in-law has passed away; his sister, Chloe, was diagnosed with Lupus; and Bryan and Aaron have both been integral in helping raise Chloe’s son, Wyatt, who loves both his Uncle Bryan and his honorary Uncle Aaron.  And throughout all of this time, Bryan, a surgical tech student, has been in love with Aaron, a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard.  Bryan has yet to come out to anyone, however.  His best friend included.  Even with everything they’ve been through together, Bryan has not confided in Aaron because he doesn’t want to risk screwing up their friendship.

Fate has different plans, though; it steps in, takes over, and yanks Bryan out of the closet hard and fast.  But the repercussions are nothing he expected; instead, he is rewarded with the divulging of his secret by finding out that Aaron feels the exact same way.  And once their secrets are revealed, watch out – the sparks immediately fly!

This novella is a super sweet story of friendship, love, family, and commitment.  Bryan and Aaron are so cute together, but also fun to read as they like to give each other a hard time in a cute and playful way, and usually with regard to the other being a sap (which they actually both are).  The peripheral characters are great as well, especially Wyatt, who is a adorable, and Chloe, who is loving, accepting, and full of snark (just my kind of gal).  I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a very sweet, angst-free story with a few sizzling love scenes.

*ARC provided by publisher

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