The big cliffhanger at the end will probably give you heart palpitations but I LOVED IT! ~ Under the Covers

Annnnd the obsession continues! In the third book of the Lux series, we find everything slowing down for a moment. Blake is gone, Daemon and Kat are together and happy and Dawson is alive, but distant. That they are working on. Dee…well, Dee isn’t quite the same but she is coping. In the world of aliens, everything is somewhat peaceful.

It isn’t until Dawson tries to find Beth that the real action starts. My heart completely bled for Dawson. The things he has been through have completely wrecked him and he has lost what he holds dear. Seeing Daemon and Kat madly in love reminds him of his time with Beth and he wants that back. I don’t blame him.

This scene broke my heart:

Dawson glanced down at his hands. “Daemon…he loves you too?”

I blinked, brought back to the present. “Yes, I think so.”

“He told you?”

Not in so many words. “He hasn’t said it, said it. But I think he does.”

“He should tell you. Every day.” Dawson tipped his head back and closed his eyes.

As I mentioned, Daemon and Katy are happily seeing each other and trying to reach home base without being interrupted. Funny thing is, as happy as I am that Daemon and Katy are together, something feels …off. They have become too complacent. After the events of the last book, things have changed so much that I’m surprised the gang are still trying to maintain normalcy. Going to school seems too normal and boring for the aliens and the hybird, which is why for most of the book I felt a little bored.

As expected, Armentrout doesn’t pull her punches and knocks you a good one. The big cliffhanger at the end will probably give you heart palpitations but I LOVED IT! I thought it was the perfect way to end a mediocore book and everything leading up to it definitely gave me an idea of what was to come. It bumped the rating up from a 3.5 stars to a solid 4. I love the direction Armentrout is taking with this cliffhanger ending. It was exactly what this book needed. I felt that Katy and Daemon were too comfortable when they were alone together, seeming to only want to participate in a heavy groping contest. I wanted to see more from their relationship.  More conflict and more tension.

In some ways, I thought that Katy was getting in the way of some scenes. She hasn’t really reached her full potential and powers so they often push her aside when things get dangerous. Katy doesn’t back down, but compared to the others, she doesn’t feel like an important piece. Since she is the eyes in which readers see, I wanted her to get into the action more and develop herself outside of her relationship with Daemon. This cliffhanger ending allows for that time to bloom and I am so very excited to see what Katy is made of!


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  1. I enjoyed the grope fest. lol But I felt that Katy really had no right to be there on that last mission. But I’m glad things went the way they did so she can become less dependent on Daemon. I just hope we get some of Darmon’s pov in the next book.

    Oh Blake is an ass hat!

    1. You know what, I think I heard somewhere that she plans on alternating views in the series. i could be mixing that up with her Covenant series though. I’ll have to double check on the details to make sure, but Daemon’s POV is obviously the best way to make the book interesting! I hope she does it!

      And Blake is a douche!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great review, thank you for your honesty! I’ve wondered about this series and how good it was. I have been searching for different series’ for my 17 yr old daughter to read. She is a voracious reader like her Mama, and reads them almost as fast as I can buy them, lol. I’m trying to diversify her collection and broaden her horizon to include more than just vampires & werewolves 😉 This sounds like a perfect addition.