This is a great Anthology from Sherrilyn Kenyon, I enjoyed every story and is a must have for all her fans! ~ Under the Covers

Fire & Ice
5 Feathers

Of all SK’s series her League series is my absolute favourite and I have loved each book so far and this novella was no different. With her trademark tortured hero, Adron who who was viciously tortured after selflessly sacrificing himself for a pregnant woman he didn’t know is now badly scarred and bitter his every movement an agony. Livia has had a sheltered life, but is determined to break free before she is forced to wed a man 60 years her senior. To do this she must lose her virginity so that her betrothed will no longer have her, and so that is what she intends to do, even if they kill her for it, and Adron seems just the man to help her out.

This was a great story I loved it, it had all the aspects of SK’s writing which I love to moan about but still read; the soul deep romance; the tortured hero; the melodramatic writing, I lap that stuff up! Another aspect I liked is the family interaction, seeing all Adron’s brothers and sister tease him and each other showing how much they love him was both funny and sweet. This is definitely story I would reread (and have done!)

Knightly Dreams
3 Feathers

Of the three novellas this is the one I enjoyed the least. It was still fun and romantic, but I didn’t really connect with either of the characters, that might be because it was so short, but it was still a (very) quick amusing read.

4 Feathers

This one was actually a reread for me as I have the ebook on my computer, I think this may actually be the first SK book I ever read. After rereading it I can see why I went on a major SK reading binge afterwards. It was romantic with a bit of action some steamy scenes and of course the requisite hot and tortured hero. I really enjoyed reading this again and I am glad I have it in paperback form as well as on my computer as I am certain I will want to read it again.

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