The Lord Next Door was a nice start to the series…”
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Victoria is desperate. Her family is on the brink of poverty after her father’s financial ruin and then death, she is barely holding the household together, and with a looming deadline for their eviction from her home she is running out of options. Her only option seems to be marriage, but her prospects have always been non-existent, now with no dowry or good name it seems even less likely. Until she remembers her childhood friend and next door neighbour who she had a secret correspondence with. Although he is only a cook’s son, being a servant’s wife is better than being homeless. However, Tom isn’t quite who he said he was and instead he was David, Viscount Thurlow.

This is actually the second time I have read this book, I originally got it years ago and happened to find my copy of it on my kindle and decided to give it a reread. It was as I remembered, a pleasant read, with a plain Jane kind of heroine (something I love) and her romance with her much-changed and kind of angsty neighbour. It isn’t a book that sticks out in the genre, which is probably why I had forgotten I had even read it, but it is a nice book to sit back and relax with.

The marriage between Victoria and David starts out pretty cold, but I love the way that their relationship gradually warms up as they get to know one another again and David begins to see Victoria as more than a convenient person to run his house. Victoria also shows a little personal growth as well, after taking on the responsibility for her family after her father’s death she has gained more confidence, which gradually increases as she settles into being David’s wife.

I haven’t read the other books in this series yet, which go into Victoria’s sisters lives, but I do plan to, The Lord Next Door was a nice start to the series and something I would recommend if you like plain Jane books or want something to relax with.



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