“This is a great book if you are after something heart-warming, quirky with a little heat to go with it”
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Being a thirty six year old virgin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so when Helen sees an opportunity to lose her V card to the man she has been lusting after since high school she takes it. But thinks don’t quite go as she hoped and an hour later she finds herself completely disillusioned and disappointed and vowing never to see him again, which is a little difficult as he’s Wes Ramirez, the town’s mayor. Which, makes it awkward when she is sent as the library’s representative to help with the mayday celebration that Wes is planning. Wes can’t believe the mess he made with Helen, he needs to show her that he is not that selfish guy she met in the bar, she’s made him a better man and he has a plan to prove it.

This book was just what I fancied, an easy reading, sexy sweet romance, great for kicking back and relaxing with. This is actually the third book in this series and although I haven’t picked up the others, I am definitely willing to give them a try next time I am in the same mood. It had that cute small town romance vibe and although Mayday doesn’t really stand out from the crown of other small town romances, that didn’t mean I enjoyed it any less.

What I did really like about this book and put a smile on my face? The fact that Wes was awful in bed the first time they got together and rather than Helen having a transcendent cherry popping experience, instead she is left wondering what the fuss is about when her vibrators do a better job. Of course, that does mean Wes is left later in the book having to prove that he can do better than her B.O.B, luckily he more then proves her toys defunct.

This is a great book if you are after something heart-warming, quirky with a little heat to go with it. I have never read any books by Olivia Dade before, but I am sure to give her another try soon. spacer


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