“…not only had a great romance, it had a plot that kept me enthralled and has established a world that I can’t wait to read more about.” ~ Under the Covers

The Iron Duke is England’s hero. The former pirate turned lord saved England from the Horde when he destroyed their tower, freeing people from Horde control. So when Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth is called to investigate a murder that happened on his lawn she approaches with trepidation and a dash of excitement. But the Iron Duke, Rhys Trahaearn, is more than she expected, as is the powerful attraction she feels for him. Together they investigate the killing and discover their may be more to this than a simple murder, the whole of England could once again be at risk…

Why did it take so long for me to pick up this book?! Before this I had read a few novellas by Meljean Brook within the Iron Seas series, which all inspired me to add The Iron Duke to my TBR pile, if I had known how much I would have enjoyed it, I would have picked it up immediately. 

What fascinated me most about this book was the world that Brooks has created, steampunk is a great genre in allowing authors to let their imagination run rampant. But what I liked about The Iron Duke was although there were some great visuals and original ideas it all made sense and gave the impression that it was well thought out making everything hang together beautifully. It wasn’t just a string of weird and wacky things strung together with a convoluted plot thrown in to try and make sense of it. 

As for the romance, not only does Ms Brooks know how to world build, she writes up some pretty potent and sexually charged romance as well. Once again I ask, why didn’t I start this sooner? Rhys and Mina had sexual tension rolling off this book in waves, the pull between them was undeniable and I had a fantastic time watching as their relationship built up from a mutual attraction to so much more. 

This was a fantastic read, one of my favourites so far this year, it not only had a great romance, it had a plot that kept me enthralled and has established a world that I can’t wait to read more about. I have just become Meljean Brooks number one fan!


Iron Duke, TheBook 1 Heart of SteelBook 2 RIVETED, A Novel of the Iron SeasBook 3 Kraken King, TheBook 4

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  1. i have been seeing this book for a while and have not taken the plunge…not really sure why though….but i definitely will now…thanks suzanne

  2. I have this one. I just haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I will definitely be moving it up on my pile. 🙂

  3. I still haven’t read any of Meljean’s books and every time a read a review, I ask myself why I haven’t yet….