“She[Marina Adair] excels in Small town love stories that will easily melt your heart. ” ~ Under the Covers

I cannot get enough of Ms. Adair’s books. She excels in small town love stories that will easily melt your heart. Abby and Jack certainly did that as I watched their second chance at love unfold. Their interaction was full of banters and sexual innuendos that had me laugh-out-loud. Jack “Hard Hammer” Tanner was uber sweet and sexy. Oh, in case you’re wondering, his name matches his physique. In every way. ;).

The last DeLuca will finally get her happy-ever-after. I have been waiting for Abby’s story since meeting her in Kissing Under the Mistletoe. I didn’t think I could like Abby but certainly intrigued. She was such a *itch in that novel but I guess I can understand why. Abby’s marriage had just ended and it was very complicated. Needless to say, she was able to survive the trials and finally making a name for herself as a designer. Her latest project will entail working with the ex-football player, Hard-Hammer Tanner aka high-school love.  This journey will finally give Abby the respect she’s wanted and love she so deserves.

Though this is the last story of the DeLuca siblings, this series is to continue on. Yes, there will be more of St. Helena Vineyard series. Four to be exact but the story will focus on the Baudouin brothers. I believe, we first see them in Nate and Frankie’s book, Autumn in the Vineyard. They are Francesca’s Brothers. It will be interesting to see what Ms. Adair has installed for the town of St. Helena. With that said, those books will be an automatic read for me.

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Kissing-Under-the-MistletoeBook 1 Summer-in-NapaBook 2 autumn-in-the-vineyardBook 3 Be Mine ForeverBook 4
From the Moment We MEtBook 5

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