Menages can be the hottest experience, but when emotions become involved you could be in for more than you bargained for!

James is happily married to Ann, he’s a successful businessman, they have a beautiful house, loving family, no kids yet. But he has a small secret. His best friend Alex. They were best friends growing up, James always the good boy, Alex ALWAYS the bad one. The bad influence, the misfit, the guy who liked boys? Their relationship was always very close until Alex moved away. And James has never mentioned him to his wife Ann. Until Alex decides to come back to town for business.

He ends up staying with James and Ann, all alone, with a scrumptiously hot, and extremely bad boy who is still in love with James, and might be falling for his wife. And when things start heating up between these three, there’s no stopping them. And when I say heating up, I mean someone dump me in a bathtub of cold water.

Alex is one of my favorite bad boys ever. Sexy, charismatic, flirtatious, and did I mention he is in love with James? Even though James has always been afraid of that attraction, he feels it too. And the emotional rollercoaster all three of them embark will leave you breathless and panting, laughing and crying.

The characters are engaging, the eroticism jumps off the page and grabs you, and you become complete and absolutely involved in their lives.

This is Hart at her best in my opinion. I was right along with them every step of the way, and it felt SO REAL, masterfully described and developed. And in good Hart fashion, yes, by the end of this book, there was no stopping the tears streaming down my face, and the sniffling. So if you are ready to be completely turned down, ready to fall in love with the most perfect man you’ll ever meet, and ready to have your world rocked, then you have to pick up this book!

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  1. I havn’t read any of her work but I’ve heard great things. I’m definitely going to have to read this one!