Wraith is dying. The only way he can save himself is to find a charm, but to do this he must first seduce and take the virginity of a human woman, a human woman who will die without the charm. After being tortured by his insane mother, human women have been off the menu, both sexually and as a meal, but more is at stake than just Wraith’s live and so he goes hunting for Serena. But can he really do it, especially when he thinks he is starting to fall in love with the spunky, fearless human?WE LOVED THIS BOOK! Truth is we never wanted things to end! Everything was amazing. The plot. The romance. The writing. Superb!Wraith is the perfect bad boy hero; he excels at two things, fighting and sex and seems to not care about much else, apart from maybe his brothers. In this book, we get to see a different side to Wraith as he starts falling in love with Serena, and as he gets more tender and protective he becomes the biggest danger to a woman’s heart; a bad boy with a heart. In this book we actually see that Wraith is actually a really sweet guy…so long as you are Serena. And Serena, although not as good as Runa, she is still really likable. She’s a pretty cool chick. She has a “gift” that while keeps her alive; it also keeps her from living fully.This book also had an “Indiana Jones” feel to the story, all Wraith needed was a whip (maybe he could borrow one from Shade?!) and a hat! Every book in this series has had its own theme, and they all work very well, and seem very believable to be in the same world, while at the same time it keeps the series very fresh. The plot in this one was also BIG! They literally save the world, what a battle between good and evil? Angels and demons? Then this book is for you.

Gem and Kylan’s Update! Still one of our favourite parts of this series and FINALLY we get a resolution to Gem & Kynan in this book. Love their relationship and love both their characters. One thing that bothers us though…Why didn’t they have their own book!

We also had the introduction of a new brother, Lore! His book is next in the series and Ione left some intriguing hints about him and where he comes from and what he is doing, We can’t wait to read more!

Favourite quotes from Wraith & Serena:

“All I ever had before you was nightmares, but now I dream. Because of you.”
“I’ve always dreamed, but I never thought they’d come true.”

Favourite quote from Gem & Kynan:

“Her resolve almost flew out the window when she saw him. He looked hot as usual, dressed in blue jeans, a sweater and a leather bomber. His spiked hair was wet and he smelled of outdoorsy soap. God she wanted to jump on him. Take him down to the floor and ride him twice before dinner. Resisting the urge to fan herself she ushered him in.”

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  1. The Demonica Series,,Is one of My ultimate most favorite series,,Love them Demon brothers..all of them,,,
    great review