I picked up this book because it had short stories by three of my favorite authors and it’s Holiday themed, gotta have at least one of those in December.

I will give this book an overall 3.5 Stars. It was a pretty light read for the most part. 2 stories are stand-alone and 2 stories you really should read the previous books or you won’t enjoy where they are going as much as you should.

And I actually ended up finding an author I wouldn’t mind reading more of (Shannon Stacey). So onto my individual reviews.

Unwrapped by Megan Hart

I was a bit disappointed after reading this story. You definitely have to read Taking Care of Business and No Reservations in order to understand where this story is coming from. However, even after reading those two stories, and I enjoyed them and liked the characters, I couldn’t get into this story.

Brandon and Leah have a bit of a kinky relationship, normally, but she is usually the more dominant in the bedroom, and he is happy to submit to her and her desires. Now, they’ve been together for a while, and this is their first Christmas together. But being that Leah is not much into mushy family togetherness they go away on a holiday trip, just the two of them, cabin in a sky resort. You know, meant to be romantic.

There’s a bit of drama of her fall which seem to take up extra pages and was unnecessary, and then the fact that she didn’t want to spend Christmas with family but all of a sudden she did was strange. And I just didn’t like how Leah was taking Brandon for granted in general! He is such a good guy and constantly has to put up with her issues.

I guess I had expectations from this story that I didn’t see developed here.

Believe by Lauren Dane

You NEED to read Second Chances before you read this story. Only then will you be able to really appreciate it.
This is the perfect ending to the story between Jude and Rori. Definitely the connection I thought was missing at the ending of Second Chances was expressed in this short story. I can almost say it was back to how things were in the beginning of their relationship! Yay!

Very sexy, still manages to be very emotional, and even in just a few pages we get to be inside the heads and hearts of so many people.

Still a bit kinky, and very sexy. You’ll like these characters. If you pick it up without reading the first book, maybe not so great.

All She Wants For Christmas by Jaci Burton

Cute stand-alone story. Small town girl who grew up in foster homes runs away at 18 after finding her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. She goes on to becoming a successful country singer. After 10 years she comes back to her hometown as part of a biography video. She comes back to finding her ex-boyfriend had married her best friend, had a kid with her who was now 7 years old and her best friend had died 4 years ago. After the story goes about half way we realize how she found them in bed together was all a setup by her best friend, who had always been jealous of her, and he may or may not have slept with her then, but now they can have a second chance to have a life together. I just couldn’t get past the fact her name was Riley Jensen, LOL Just too close to the vampire/werewolf Guardian in Keri Arhur’s series.

Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey

Cute story. Stand-alone. Hot electrician, used to be the school’s geek back in high school. The cheerleader he used to drool over is back in town to spend Christmas with her parents, and is waiting at their house for them to come home from vacation. While there she discovers their house needs a major electrical upgrade and calls Scott in from the phone book. She can’t remember him, because obviously he has changed and is now a hottie. He still drools over her. They decide to have a holiday fling while he’s fixing her parents wiring and end up wanting a relationship (after just three weeks).

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